Frequently asked questions

Q : Why is pay by phone better then a credit card processor ?
A : First of all its absolutely anonymous. Second its secure. A third reason is that everyone has a phone line at home, and not a creditcard. And a very good other reason is that you dont get any chargeback on most countries, except for USA and Canada. I could write down a whole page of very good reasons why you should use a pay by phone processor instead of a credit card merchant.

Q : How many people can I reach with pay by phone billing ?
A : Every citizin that is located in one of the countries which we serve. Almost everyone has a phone line right ?

Q : How much does the setup of the online payment processor cost ?
A : You can find the initial setup costs in our rating section. Contact us for special rates if you are a high volume customer. Our business and billing options are free.

Q : What are the recurring costs ?
A : Besides of the initial setup costs we will charge a monthly fee for the phone numbers itself. You can find the monthly costs in our rating section. Contact us if you are a high volume customer for special rates. Our business and billing options are free.

Q : What kind of sites can use pay123 online phone payments ?
A : In general, we accept all web sites as long as they are not involved in illegal activities, for example sales of child pornography, radical political statements, racism, etc

Q : How reliable is your service ?
A : We run extremely fail safe carrier grade hardware to provide our customers with the most reliable service available.

Q : How much will I get payed ?
A : See our outpayments in out rates section, if you are a high volume customer please contact us for even better rates.

Q : When will I get payed ?
A : At the end of the month all payments are done. Each country can have different rules on payout days.

Q : Is pay123 anonymous ?
A : Phone payments are anonymous as long as the supplier of the website does not request address or other user information to use the website.

Q : Can I expect chargebacks ?
A : For most countries its not possible to chargeback phone payments, only USA and Canada are doing this. For usa and canada a holdback of 15% for 90 days is applicable. After 90 days we will pay the difference between chargebacks and holdback reservations.

Q : Why are the rates so different when using pay123 ?
A : In every country the phone companies charge us different rates for using the lines.

Q : Do you accept cutomers from all over the world ?
A : Yes, we do not make any exceptions, all countries are welcome.

Q : Can I use pay123 next to my current creditcard processor ?
A : Yes, that should not be any problem.

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