What is Ips4billing ?
Pay123 introduces IPS4billing. It offers consumers the ability to purchase subscriptions and membership transactions using their monthly phone bill, enabling you to reach millions of domestic consumers who do not have or choose not to use credit cards or their checking account to use as a billing method.

IPS4billing does not require consumers to provide any personal account information over the Internet. All payment information is handled effortlessly while one-time charges can be billed directly to their monthly home telephone bill.

Is there a security deposit ?
Other merchants are taking an amount from your payout as a security deposit. Pay123 is a 100% chargeback risk free system, so why would we keep any money from you? The answer is simple, NO..

What kind of sites can use this option ?
Ips4billing is originally meant for sites that want to sell memberships, but can also be used to fill a users online wallet on for example gamble sites or pay per minute chat sites. You can also use ips4billing as a payment system to download files like mp3's or movies.

Can you provide password management ?
Yes, with ips4billing we can offer full timeline password control on your membership system. For example, if you sell a one month membership we will provide the member with a password. After this month we will take the same password away again.

Do you charge setup or monthly costs ?
For IPS4billing we dont charge you any setup or monthly costs.

How long does it take to implement ips4billing to my site ?
Every site is different, our skilled support team will assist you and your programmers in any way we can to implement our payment system as soon as possible. With a IPS4billing free merchant account you will get access to free scripts which you can use install IPS.

Do i get access to reports ?
Yes, with a pay123 merchant account you will get full access to your real-time reports and statistics.

How and when do I get payed ?
Payments are done per money wire to your bank account, once per month.

What rates do you offer ?
For a complete overview on all rates applicable for Ips4billing go here

Our other solutions :

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  • Ips4business- Free pay per minute / phone solution for standard paysite access.

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