What is Ips4business ?
Ips4business is a quick way to insert a free billing solution into your website. With just a few snippets of code your users can pay anonymous with their phoneline to access your site. The customer is charged per minute and will have access to your site for as long as he keeps the phone line open. After the user disconnects his secure phone connection with pay123, also his access to your paysite will be gone. You will get payed for every minute the user is on the phone at very good rates. The difference with Ips4experts is that you do not have your own phone numbers.

What kind of sites can use this option ?
All paysites that want to use a pay per minute solution for their sites. This kind of billing is very often used in the world of webcams and other chatsites.

Can you provide password control ?
Yes, when the user dials the phone number and enters the pincode correctly we inform your site via a snippet of code that the customer is paying. When this information reaches the site, the customer can access your content. When the user disconnects the phone line another information tells the site that the connection is closed again and the web site access will be closed for the customer.

Do you charge setup or monthly costs ?
For IPS4business we dont charge the customer any setup or monthly fees. Its a 100% free billing solution.

How long does it take to implement ips4billing to my site ?
Every site is different, our skilled support team can assist you and your programmers in any way to implement our payment system as soon as possible. With a IPS4billing free merchant account you will get access to free scripts and documentation which you can use to install any IPS product.

Do i get access to reports ?
Yes, with a pay123 merchant account you will get full access to your real-time reports and statistics.

How and when do I get payed ?
Payments are done per money wire to your bank account, once per month.

Our other solutions :

  • Ips4experts- If you need to have a custom installation with your own special numbers then this is your product.
  • Ips4billing- Bill the users phone invoice with a one time payment. Free merchant account and easy installation.

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