What is Ips4experts ?
With Ips4experts you can get your own custom online payment solution. Ips4experts phone payment comes with your own unique numbers and installation. Some sites just require more attention then other sites. A regular membership site is easier to control then a webcam chat site where users pay per minute, in different chatrooms.

What kind of sites can use this option ?
Complex and high volume sites. With Ips4experts you can include your own scripting, other then Ips4business where we supply you with a standard snippets of script to include in your website.

Is there a security deposit ?
Other merchants are taking an amount from four payout as a security deposit. Pay123 is a 100% chargeback risk free system, so why would we keep any money from you? The answer is simple, NO!

Do you charge setup or monthly costs ?
Yes, we will charge you for the new setup and there are monthly costs for the unique phone numbers. If you have a high volume site, these costs are negotiable.

How long does it take to implement ips4billing to my site ?
Every site is different, our skilled support team will assist you and your programmers in any way we can to implement our payment system as soon as possible. With a IPS4billing free merchant account you will get access to free scripts which you can use install IPS.

Do i get access to reports ?
Yes, with a pay123 merchant account you will get full access to your real-time reports and statistics.

How and when do I get payed ?
Payments are done per money wire to your bank account, once per month.

Our other solutions :

  • Ips4billing- Charge your customers 1 amount per phone call, the ideal solution for membership sites.
  • Ips4business- Free pay per minute / phone solution for standard paysite access.

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