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With our ips4billing solution you can charge your customers 1 amount in 1 call. The ideal billing processor for your membership sites. Read more ...

- No setup costs
- No monthly fees
- Exellent payout rates. Show me the payout rates ...


Pay per minute billing solution, for those webmasters that want to offer their customers a pay per minute billing solution.
Read more ...

- No setup costs
- No monthly costs
- Exellent payout rates Show me the payout rates ...


Pay per minute billing for webmasters that want to have a custom payment solution for their website. This method is for high volume and complex sites (f.e. Chat Sites). Check out our Ips4experts overview for more information, Read more ...

- Variable setup costs, different per country.
- Monthly costs for renting your own number.
- For high volume sites we dont charge any setup or monthly costs.
- The best payout rates. Click here to see what we can offer

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